24 January 2011

Pretty and Neat Shoe Rack

Storing shoes and slippers in the house is often a problem because the racks of shoes sold in general stores in the form of an open shelf. Consequently shoes become dirty quickly because dust and untidy appearance. 

What if you make a door shoe racks and drawers of this? Shoe rack in question, the form of cabinets and drawers lined to the side. To be easily drawn, each drawer is equipped with rails. 

Each drawer consists of three flats. While each apartment can be filled with 2 pairs of shoes. Until one drawer can accommodate 6 pairs of shoes. How many drawers you want to make, depending on the number needed. 

For example, if your family has 24 shoe, you just make cabinets with 4 drawers. 

Drawer material can be made from plywood material (multiplex) with 15-18 millimeters thick. While ukurang cabinets are 100 x 60 x 85 cm. While the rail for the drawer, you can use the rails of the iron rails with a length of 55 cm. 

Now the shoe is no longer scattered, well preserved because it is stored in a neat and correct.  Link