27 January 2011

Beauty Tips Kitchen with Shelves

The role of the shelf in the kitchen is so vital. Can store a variety of furniture, tableware and cooking, food,basic food , even the cleaning chemicals . The diversity of items that clearly require separate storage. It aims for the kitchen as a place to process food, as well as furniture and food, always clean and hygienic.
- Renovation of the kitchen cabinet shelves should not be hasty. Consider the model of the rack cabinet, size, and availability of doors and vents. Do not hesitate to ask an interior designer.
- Ventilation openings may be placed on the back or side. The form can be circular or square holes. Choice can fit your taste and kitchen shelf position. What must be remembered, the hole should be closed wire netting to prevent an entrance for rodents or insect pests.
- open rack (no door) is easily overcome by dust, dirt, and oil. Clean shelves regularly. Least once a week. If omitted, then the rack will be dirty and unhealthy. Link