27 January 2011

Choosing a kitchen shelf

The role of the shelf in the kitchen is so vital. Can store a variety of furniture, tableware and cooking, food, basic foods, even the cleaning chemicals. The diversity of items that clearly require separate storage. It aims for the kitchen as a place to process food, as well as furniture and food, always clean and hygienic. 

Kitchen shelf should be tailored to the character of goods to be stored for the optimal function of the rack. For placement, shelf inside the cabinet under the kitchen table is more appropriate when used as a storage of furniture or equipment to cook and store food supplies. To facilitate access and keep it clean, shelf sebainya have doors and vents. 

Ventilation holes can be placed on the back or side. The form can be circular or square holes. Choice can fit your taste and kitchen shelf position. What must be remembered, the hole should be closed wire netting to prevent the entrance of rodents or insect pests. 

While the shelves in cabinets on the kitchen table, generally functioned as a place menyimpatan tableware such as plates, cups, glasses, and spoons. In addition, this cabinet can also be digunaan as a place to store food that is not heavy like coffee, tea, and sugar. 

For shelves that do not have doors and are open, should be cleaned regularly, because it is very easily affected by dust, dirt, and oil. Minimal cleaning do it once a week on this type of rack to prevent rack becomes dirty and unhealthy. 

As a place to store equipment and food ingredients, choice of materials follows rack cabinet must meet the standards of beauty, hygiene, and health. Right material not only makes the shelves look beautiful kitchen cabinets, but also hygienic. 

Material racks, can be similar to the material as a whole kitchen set. Material placed in the kitchen is in conformity with the standards usually healthy, but for a special rack, such as rack storage plates, spoons, furniture, and basic foods, should be selected that "healthier" because it slid directly with goods that come into contact with the body. 

For example, if the metal material selection, then choose one that does not easily rust or fade. If the material wood, then make sure the rack is not easy moist to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. If plastic, make sure the plastic is also meet health standards. No odor and poison, of course. Link