08 February 2011

Tips on selecting and caring for sofa

sofa is a valuable investment of furniture, hence the need to be treated for durability lama.Berikut tips on selecting and caring for couch favorite:

1. Before you buy at the store jakarta chair or sofa, make sure the sofa is selected on the sofa or chair shop in Jakarta in accordance with the character ruangan.Jangan tempted only because of trends or view other people's. Make choices based on personal tastes and pockets condition.

2. Ensure good quality fabric sofa chair.
This can be seen from the foam component that is responsible for maintaining the texture of the sofa seat, in addition to coil springs that must be solid and not easily stretched. Note also the element of texture and coating materials (upholstery).

3. Consider the style and material sofa with housing conditions.
When small-sized house, choose a simple or a classic with muted colors to avoid the impression claustrophobic. Instead, a large house can choose a sofa modern style, Art Deco or Victorian to the impression of luxury. While home studio models can wear a minimalist, simple, classic, or a hi-tech.

4. The arrangement tailored to the function and needs the room.
Sofa for living room should wear two or three seats, depending on the area of the room. For the family room could put a big holder to create intimacy.

5. For the fashionista can use coating materials (upholstery), adjusted dengantren fashion.
The advantage of using the coating is the freedom to change the atmosphere without having to buy a new sofa.

6. Size limited space should not be filled with a large sofa as it will drown the other furniture.
The same goes for the placement of patterned and plain sofa.

7. Sofa made of light will quickly dull, while the dark tend to be more durable and not easily soiled.

8. Protect your sofa with a chemical drug that serves as a dust cover, but can also protect against damage caused by pets or factors manusia.Bila error still occurs damage to the sofa, you can bring it to sell sofas: sofa shop cheap - service & service jakarta sofa here you can get several options, because in addition to store a chair or sofa stores also sell sofa - cheap sofa, sofa service.

9. Do not place the sofa in a room that has large windows so that dust does not easily enter and damage the color and material durability.
Do not also put a sofa near the big-lit lamps, since there are certain materials that easily react with bright light.

10. Clean sofa using a special cleaning services or servise sofa equipped to handle right and not even on sale merusak.seperti sofa: sofa shop cheap - service & service jakarta Because only here sofa sofa or chair jakarta Jakarta, is a store that sells sofas - sofa cheap, and can service a sofa or couch with a good service.