12 February 2011

Tips on choosing a sofa for the condition of our room

tips on how to choose a sofa that fits to the condition of our room.

From its size, there are several options sofa. Starting from the single seat to the sectional sofa which was divided into several sections, can accommodate up to four people.

If the householder is not too much, use just two-seat sofa with the so-called love seat. Then, add a single sofa seat, and complete with coffee table in the middle. Not take place but still comfortable.

When you feel less fit, you can choose another form. There is still a kind sofa diwan, long sofa with armrest (Chaise lounge), sofa bed, until the ottoman. Customize it to your needs and room size.

So as not to dirty quickly, choose a dark color. However, neutral colors and light are more suitable for the room that was not too big. As a consequence, of course you should be more diligent in maintaining and cleaning.