14 February 2011

Tips on arranging and changing the dressing table

1. Check back all beauty and cosmetic products available over the kitchen riasmu. whether there was a passing period expired? because every product has his own time. As powder (hold 1 year), mascara (hold 4-6 months), eye shadow and lipstick (6-8 months).Also get rid of the old accessories are trends, no need to loved-baby because it makes you look old school. 

2. Ideally hell vanity is not the place to menjejer products because later the desire to menjejer more new products by shopping "scene". The ideal does enter the cosmetic products in the lac, if you still want menjejernya, no more than 10 items. combine small-shaped cosmetics (lipstick, eye shadow unit) in a jar or large glass (a type of low-necked vase but) a plain or patterned. 

3. To place a great store cosmetic tools, such as hair dryer, clamp it needed a bigger place. Do not dispose of boxes, because after using you can save it back in its box and place it above the wardrobe. for accessories, you can arrange them neatly stacking dirak small and mark it with different colors (from nail polish) that differentiates to ring or hair accessories. 

4. For those of you who belong to her hobby has a collection of makeup and pretty much, it's time to use makeup organizer large enough that ordinary dipake by makeup artist. This way you can comfortably use riasmu table without having to "dismantle" repeated all the little cosmetic trinkets that might be scattered on the dresser or in a drawer.