28 January 2011

Choose Dining Table

Here are some models of table that can match you with the condition of your home. 

CLASSICAL: classical dining table is beautiful and elegant. Of course, suitable for the classical model homes as well. It took a rather large space to place this table model. Classic style could give the impression of luxury. Brown furniture to balance the bright wall color so it looks matching his classic touch. Placement of fresh flowers will add to the impression of aristocratic dining room of this. 

MODERN MINIMALIST. Selection of the right ingredients to thicken the minimalist concept that want presented. Minimalist Furniture from glass such as that combined with aluminum or wrought iron furniture including species that are widely used. In addition to a simple form, any maintenance relatively easy to do. Design with strict precision also characterizes the Minimalist architecture and furniture. Therefore, select a table or chair that has a simple design, little or no ornament. 

ALA lesehan JAPAN. Lesbian style also reminds us of the Japanese-style interior. Spaces in traditional Japanese houses are very seldom use the furniture. A dining room table usually contains only one short and cushion. The room looks more spacious and make residents more space to move freely. In addition, lesehan style also makes the atmosphere more relaxed, intimate and warm. The concept of structuring lesehan style does not need much furniture, so that appropriate for a narrow house. 

Retro: The use of furniture and accessories classic retro-style, looks very fit combined with modern elements. Despite impressive past, but this room did not look ancient. To make it still look with modern design, furniture design and color selection becomes an important consideration. 

Rustic. Rustic style or that they had called the style "flinstone" is for the used one is the design of interest, because its design is natural and always create an impression "before the ancient" deemed to have high artistic value. Usually the material used is wood that just cut flat on the ergonomic needs only, such as the top table, pedestal seat, and others. 

MODEL pantry is a dining table that blend with the kitchen. Usually for a small family that the number of members has not been much diapartemen and most widely implemented because it saves space. 

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